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The Swamp

The Swamp is a very special place From the starlight devotional

Where you can go to find To the study on the crucifixion

Some genuine friendships to embrace You're bound to get emotional

And leave the world behind And strengthen your convictions

It's heaven on earth Whether short or tall

And a place from your dreams With many friends or none

It has indescribable worth In sunshine or rainfall

And builds your self-esteem You're bound to have some fun

Leave all intentions at the door So what, you're not so cool at school

No matter who you may be You're accepted for what's inside

You'll leave different than you were before You can run around and act a fool

It stands a mystery With other friends by your side

All year long I look forward to this place

And the fun times yet to come

No other camp could dare to replace

What The Swamp has already become

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The Atlanta Church of Christ hosts a summer camp for kids ages 9 to 18 called The Swamp.

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